Flash Cards: Math Facts

The fantastically simple, yet highly effective, flashcards app!

Different problem formats

Traditional and more advanced formats.

  • The basic format is the traditional format for flashcards.
  • The advanced format of guess the number, or missing addend equations, helps encourage critical thinking.
  • No timer so learners can practice at their own pace without feeling rushed.

Track progress

Parents can view trends to see where focus might be needed.

  • Helps identify where additional additional practice is needed.
  • Are they having issues with addition with 3's?
  • Are they having issues with multiplication with 7's?

Rapid feedback & Repetition

Practice and repetition are critical for building fluency with math operations.

  • Problems missed 3 or more times are remembered and become part of the next problem set to ensure repetition.
  • When a problem set is completed, there is feedback that shows how many attempts were needed to solve each problem.

Easy to setup

Simple to set up for all operations.

  • Flash cards can be configured for all operations, individually or combined.
  • Choose a constant number and that number will be in every problem.


Widgets allow a quick view of the last set of problems.

  • The small widget provides a view of the last set of problems and how much time has passed since last practiced.
  • The medium widget provides a view of individual problem proficiency.